Top Tips For A Flawless Foundation Application

It may seem like an easy skill to master, but the truth is conquering a flawless foundation application is a talent that can take years of practice to perfect. There is much more to applying foundation than simply slapping a well-rated foundation on top of your face and hoping for the best.

So, grab yourself a cuppa and pull up a pew, it’s time to talk about the most crucial steps to creating the perfect foundation base.

Step 1 – Create a clean canvas

The first of my top tips for a flawless foundation application is sticking to your skin care! When it comes to creating a perfect makeup base skincare is crucial. Exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize before you even begin on any makeup application. The fresher your face the more flawlessly your foundation will sit; making sure to get rid of any lingering makeup from the previous day before adding a new layer of product as this will stop your foundation from looking patchy. Stick to a basic skincare routine and I promise you’ll start to see the biggest improvement in how your foundation applies.

Skin care may seem like a bit of an ordeal, but after a little research it’s not as scary as it seems. This extra step will do wonders not only for your foundation application but also your skin in general, win-win. If you need a little helping hand understanding the uses of different skin care then go check out a beginner’s guide to skin care for an overview of how to build a skincare routine.

Step 2 – Pick the correct foundation for you

Unfortunately, choosing a foundation that has 5-star reviews simply isn’t always enough to create a foundation base that doesn’t look like a cakey, flaky mess. I have previously discussed how to choose the right foundation for you skin type and identifying which skin type your skin is so if you’re stuck then head over and have a read then come back.

Doing your research and identifying a foundation that works well with your personal skin type, whether you have oily, dry or combination skin will make a big difference in the foundation that works best.

Step 3 – Blend, blend and blend some more

I often choose to apply my foundation with a blending sponge, but a foundation brush can work just as well. My personal favourite tool for blending foundation right now is the coco cosmetics marshmallow sponge but whatever tool you’re using whether it’s a foundation sponge or a brush just make sure to blend – and I mean blend – until your arms feel like you’ve done an hour-long weight session at the gym and no streaks can be seen.

Taking your time to blend your foundation flawlessly can be the difference between a streaky mess and a divine makeup base that lays beautifully like satin. There isn’t much worse than that orange streak that separates your jaw and neck, so pay attention and try not to rush the process. If needed blend your foundation down your neck to seamlessly match you face to the rest of your body.

Coco Cosmetics By Chloe Marshmallow Sponge Set of Four

Step 4 – Add some extra coverage

If you find your skin doesn’t work well with full coverage foundations and you usually see lots of creasing or separation throughout the day, you may be best turning to a concealer to add the extra coverage where needed.

Using a light to medium coverage foundation and spot concealing only the problem areas will mean you are applying a thinner layer of product on your skin and in turn present a more subtle foundation base while still covering any hyperpigmentation or blemishes.

I’d recommend giving the Too Faced Born This Way concealer a go if you’re looking for a new concealer that will hide almost anything. This formula is a stand-out favourite of mine as it’s full coverage but still hydrating, meaning it’s less likely to crease and settle into fine lines.

Step 5 – Lock in all your hard work

The last tip to round off my top tips for a flawless foundation application is setting your foundation down with a powder.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste and set your flawless foundation base down with a setting powder once you’ve finished with all the liquid and cream products. My holy grail product is the Laura Mercier translucent powder, honestly, it’s lives up to the hype and keeps my foundation set all day while minimising creasing.

Finally, the last step to really ensure your foundation won’t be sliding everywhere is finishing off your makeup by spritzing a healthy amount of setting spray on top of your makeup to lock everything in place.

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