The Essence Lash Princess Mascara Review

This mascara has been on my list to try for a while. After reading through heaps of amazing reviews I thought it was time to bite the bullet and spend £3.30 (yes, only £3.30!!) on this mascara that is seemingly breaking the internet.

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a luxury makeup product. Through the power of marketing, I’ve somehow been made to believe that the more expensive the product the better it is, but let’s be honest, that’s not always true; a high price point doesn’t always equal a high performing product. With this in mind I’m always keen to test out new budget options, just to see how they stand up against their more expensive rivals.

The Essence Lash Princess Mascara

In the Essence Lash Princess mascara collection, there are a variety of mascara options to choose from. I had no idea there were quite so many and all in all I’ve counted five different types of Lash Princess mascaras to choose from. Take your pick from waterproof formulas right through to curling and volumizing; it’s nice to see there’s a larger range to cater for more than one lash type – the first of many pros for this mascara.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get my hands on all five of the mascaras in The Essence Lash Princess mascara range. However, I did manage to strike gold and secure the False Lash effect mascara which seems to be the most sought after variant. Item secured, it’s time to get the full low down on this mascara and hopefully I’ll be able to return to the range and try out the others soon!

The overall look

For only £3.30 you can’t expect this mascara to be looking and feeling as luxurious as other higher priced brands. I can’t say I’m in love with the aesthetic or the design but does that matter? That is just a personal preference. I wasn’t expecting GUCCI packaging on this low a budget anyway and such a minor detail isn’t of any consequence so long as the product performs well .. and oh boy does the Lash Princess mascara perform well.

The plastic tube isn’t dissimilar to any other drugstore mascara on the market and all in all feels pretty sturdy. The lid clicks shut which is a huge plus as this reassures me the product isn’t likely to dry out prematurely.

Each variation of the Essence mascara range has the same basic design, the only difference is the colour of the text and graphics. These slight changes not only help to identify all variations as part of the same Essence Lash Princess range, but to also easily identify at a glance which variation of the mascara you’re actually purchasing .. a real boon if you’re out makeup shopping after a long night partying.

After reading the product descriptions for the Lash Princess mascaras it appears that the packaging is supposed to symbolise an evening dress. I have to admit I didn’t make this observation myself but either way it’s a cute symbol to tie in with the ‘Princess’ name so props to the design team at Essence for the extra touch.

From glancing at the picture online I just presumed the design on the lid was printed but its actually embossed in a rubber material which is another nice touch. This also makes the lid easier to grip when you’re applying the mascara, I’m not sure if this was the reason for rubber addition but either way it’s pretty helpful if you’re like me and prone to dropping things.

The wand

The wand on the False Lash Effect Essence mascara is exactly the type I’d expect to find in a mascara designed to create volumized drama together with a luxurious false lash effect mascara. Its tapered at the end with a variety of different bristle lengths. This helps to coat each individual lash to create maximum added volume.

There’s not much more for me to say about this wand. It’s a pretty standard shape and similar to lots of other mascaras on the market. From first inspection the product does seem to clump over the bristles slightly, so I did have to wipe the excess off on the rim of the lid, but that’s pretty standard for lots of mascaras.

Testing the Essence False Lash Effect Mascara

Its finally time to get into the real testing. It doesn’t really matter how great a product looks, the proof is in the pudding; above all else you want a mascara to perform well.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I did notice some clumping of product on the brush due to the formula being fairly thick. It’s a little difficult to work with at first but persevere and the thickness does seem to work well for creating volume to your lashes.

When I applied the first coat I noticed I had to be quite careful as the wand is pretty large and not the best for getting into those tight inner corners despite the tapered end. Just be mindful of this and go in carefully on your first application, I ended up with some slight smudging on my eyelids. As with any product, once you’ve tried it a few times you’ll soon become a pro at the technique needed for a seamless application.

After coating my lashes once I found that the mascara had made my lashes appear separated and lengthened. It looked beautifully natural, and I have to be honest I was pretty surprised at how much I liked the formula.

I enjoy the minimal lengthened lash look, however, if you’re looking for that thick, false lash effect then I would suggest going in for another coat to get a little more volume. With a thick mascara it’s important to remember that sometimes less is more. I coated my lashes three times and feel this is the maximum I could go before my lashes started to look spidery.

Final thoughts

I’d just like to emphasise again that this mascara is only £3.30! There aren’t many other mascaras on the market available for that kind of price, let alone ones that actually do such a good job of transforming your lashes.

Ok, it’s not my favourite mascara ever and quite honestly I doubt I’ll be switching out my go-to mascara for this product. I’m a creature of habit and once I’ve found a product that works for me I tend to stick to it. However, now that the Essence Lash Princess mascara is in my collection I’ll certainly reach for it for the occasional day-to-day use.

After so many incredible reviews I perhaps expected a little too much so wasn’t as blown away by its abilities as I thought I might be – some reviews had me believing the formula would change my life! If you are looking for a new budget-friendly mascara though I’d say go for it, you can’t really go wrong for £3.30 and once you’re fully acquainted with the formula this mascara performs just as well as others at triple the price.

So, If you’re still here and haven’t already taken a trip to Wilko to order yourself The Essence Lash Princess mascara, then why the hell not?! Go get it! You won’t regret it, I promise. For such a low price it’s a no-brainer addition to your cosmetics collection.

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