The Best Shaped Mascara Wand For Your Lashes

Turns out the shape of your mascara wand does matter when creating luscious lashes. If you’re currently finding yourself frustrated at a mascara that does nothing for your lashes, then the chances are you’ve just chosen the wrong shaped mascara wand. Choosing the most suitable mascara wand for you is imperative to a flawless mascara application to create alluring lashes.

If like me, you’re a bit of a makeup enthusiast with a ton of mascaras in your collection you may have noticed they all have slightly different wands, but why is that? Believe it or not the shape of a mascara wand isn’t just for aesthetic reasons, they actually determine how the mascara is going to perform on your eyelashes.

Finding the best mascara wand for you lashes

Why are mascara wands different shapes? When searching for the mascara of your dreams it’s helpful to know just what kind of mascara wand your looking for. Are you looking for a mascara to lengthen? Or a mascara to volumise? Whatever your preference, the type of mascara wand and formula you choose with have an effect of the type of appearance you get for your lashes.

Mascara is the perfect product for opening up your eyes and accentuating all that natural beauty. After testing and trialling many mascaras that are complimentary and others that are just not for me, I’ve managed to put together a pretty solid guide to the mascara wand that’s made for you, no matter what your lashes needs.

Curved wands

Curved wands are designed to curl your lashes without an additional tool. They’re curved shape helps you comb your lashes upwards to create lifting from the root for long lasting fluttery lashes.

If you’re someone with straight lashes that longs for some serious uplifting, then a curved wand is the ideal option to give you that longed for lash-lifting effect you need for that doe-eyed look.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


Cone mascara wands

Cone wands usually have bristles that taper at the end of the mascara wand, these types of brushes are incredible for getting to every single lash without the fear of eyeball injury; even those hard to reach inner and outer lashes! Evenly coating every single lash for a subtle everyday look that won’t leave your lashes looking clumpy.

If your looking to get some added length and your corner lashes are hard to reach then a cone shape is the best shaped mascara wand for you!

Glossier Lash Slick

Thin wands

This shaped wand is designed to give your lashes the ultimate length with no nasty clumping. A thin wand glides through your lashes making them look elongating from root to tip to create the upswept elegant look that all of your friends will envy.

A lengthened lash is my own personal favourite for creating lashes I love to flutter. Thin wands are the ideal eyelash companion for those with shorter lashes, giving all the extra length you could possibly desire. The longer the better, right?

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

Hourglass shaped wands

This wand pretty much has it all, an hourglass shaped wand creates definition, length, lifting and volume for you lashes.

Hourglass wands usually have feathery bristles on both ends of the brush, ideal for creating dramatic volume. The slim centre coats every inch of your lashes for lengthened effect even on sparse lashes whilst the all-around curve creates that lifting effect.

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Jumbo wands packed with bristles

The best wands for volumising your lashes are packed with bristles. These jumbo wands are designed to reach every lash and dispense products evenly to give a fluffed-out lash effect. The jumbo wand is the ideal brush to choose if you have thin lashes. If you want a dramatic looking lash then a jumbo mascara wand will be your new BFF!

NYX Worth the Hype Mascara

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