The Best Mascara For Mature Eyes

At the age of 25 I admittedly don’t know too much about what makes a good mascara for mature eyes. Yes, I have makeup training and I have been noticing the fine lines creeping in, but let’s be honest no one knows what’s needed (or best) quite as much as the target demographic themselves. So, naturally I’ve encompassed the help of my tell-it-how-it-is Mum to help me test out some of the mascaras that are said to be among the best of the best for mature eyes to get an honest review.

Why do mature eyes need a different mascara?

I’ll put it plainly, aged eyes don’t NEED a mascara that is designed for matured eyes. Find a mascara that works for you and run with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, makeup isn’t a one size fits all affair but if you need a little guidance on which the best mascaras for mature eyes are then you’re in the right place.

As you get older your skin and eyelids will inevitably age – unfortunately that’s a part of life that can’t be avoided (unless you’re a fan of Botox’s of course.) Sticking to a skin care routine can help you keep a youthful look for longer, but it’s natural for you skin to start presenting fine lines and lose its elasticity as you age. This change in your skin may result in you needing different characteristics from your mascara.

Characteristics to look for in a mascara

As you age you may find that your lashes don’t have the length they once did, but luckily there are products out there that can restore some of that lost length back to your lashes through hydrating formulas specially designed to boost the health of your lashes.

Lengthening mascaras can make your lashes appear longer and are usually the types of mascaras that are most often recommended to those over 50. Volume is great, but clumpy lashes can often make your eyes look even more aged. So, look for mascaras that are going to open you eyes up and make them appear brighter.

The best mascaras for mature eyes

Without further ado, lets hand over the makeup wands to my mother to get testing some of the mascaras that are said to be the best for mature eyes and tell us how well they really perform…

No7 Age Defying Mascara

I have to admit the No7 Age Defying mascara was pretty underwhelming considering this product is specifically targeted to older eyes. The packaging was utilitarian, doesn’t feel special and is all in all pretty flimsy. This product purports to be good at conditioning which is something I will have to continue to test over a longer period of time. However, because the formula wasn’t good coverage, felt clogged and no better than much cheaper brands I’m not sure I will even be continuing to test this product to see if its claims are true. Sorry No7, there will be no fluttering of lashes here, it’s a no from me.

Lash Me Up – Cocunat

Me and my mum found a winner when it comes to mascara for mature eyes and it comes from a brand that neither of us had heard about! Cocunat is a 100% cruelty and toxic free brand that launched in Spain is now everywhere. This mascara just felt amazing and looks brilliant too.

The whole feel of this new to the UK brand is high end and you can see why they are everywhere right now on social media. With it being 100% natural ingredients, it is also handy for those with eye or skin conditions like blepharitis who are looking for a safe mascara to use.

At just £18.99 direct from the site we thought it was a real bargain given the high end feel, quality and how lush our lashes looked afterwards. Can’t wait to try more from the Cocunat range!

Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara

After the disappointment of the No7 mascaras, I’m pleased to report that the review for Lancôme won’t be as negative. This is my new favourite mascara, and I will definitely be buying it again! On first inspection it felt luxurious and special, which I’d expect for the price. The packaging itself was enough to draw me to this product, with a lovely rose gold tone and a lid decorated with an embossed rose it feel much more luxurious than your standard drugstore mascara. The curved wand was fabulous for getting to all my lashes and made the product super easy to apply. I haven’t come across another mascara that has made my lashes look so good, for once I actually felt like I looked like I had naturally long lashes.

The positives don’t end there though, I’m pleased to report that this mascara didn’t transfer. Honestly, I’m pretty gobsmacked about how many boxes the Lancôme mascara was ticking! If I really had to find some kind of negative, then all I can say is, I’d probably need to invest in a better eye makeup remover because this bad boy is super hard to remove. But then again, is that really a negative? Lancôme here I come.

Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara - 01 Black

L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara

The L’Oreal Lash Paradise is my middle runner in the best mascaras for mature eyes. Its packaging is pretty enough with a cylindrical rose gold lid and pink tube container, but I would say it’s anything special. The wand was pretty ridged and quite thick which made it hard to get to all my stubby pale lashes which was then made even worse with the gloopy formula. I even needed to use another brush to get rid of excess mascara.

Initially when the mascara was first applied there was some transference of mascara to the top of my eye, but this could be down to my eye socket shape as it’s nothing new for a mascara to transfer on my eyes. Once I’d battled to get the majority in my lashes rather than my lids it looked pretty good and lasted well. Overall the Lancôme mascara wasn’t the easiest experience when applying but in comparison to the No7 mascara this one would be a pretty nice everyday mascara.

L'Oréal Paris Paradise Castor Oil Enriched Mascara for Sensitive Eyes - Intense Black

Top mascara for mature eyes tips

Here at BeautyAnswers we love to get our mums involved in sharing their makeup insights. BeautyAnswers writer Lucy Parish’s mum, Kim Parish has given her top tips on applying mascara for mature eyes and her holy grail mascaras.

Tailoring a makeup routine to my matured skin and facial features has taken a while. As I’ve gotten older, I have definitely opted for a more minimalist approach to make up, but a routine that naturally enhances what’s already there. My key to this is using products that understand your aesthetic needs and specialise in mature make up that works for your age, not against it.

When it comes to mascara, I absolutely love Clinique’s High Impact Zero Gravity in Black. Over the years, I noticed my lashes lost volume and curlability after just a couple hours of wear. No matter how much curling prep or layers I applied, I found my hairs always fell straight. What I love about this product is its curled wand. I feel like this feature has the biggest impact on boosting my fine lashes and giving you a lasting hold, and defined curl that actually stays.

I also love No7 Age Defying All-In-One Serum Mascara in Black/Brown for days I want something more natural but still lifts the eye. Because this is an all-in-one serum I know it’s helping strengthen my lashes and minimize any breakage from harsh products and over use.

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