The Best Mascara For Dry Eyes

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Mascara is an essential part of any makeup routine, but for those with dry eyes, finding the right product can be a challenge. The wrong mascara can cause irritation, redness, and flaking. But fear not, we have rounded up the top five best mascaras for dry eyes using products available in the UK.

As a Trained Make Up Artist I know How Best to Cope with Dry Eyes and Which Mascara works best

Having successfully trained and then worked as a Make Up Artist for a range of professional roles, I know how best to deal with dry eyes. In my line of work you are often asked to work with models and talent that have done shoot after shoot around the world.

This often means that they can be tired and fatigued and this is often a major cause of dry eyes and calls for a more organic approach when it comes to picking the best mascara. A great rule is to stay as far away as possible from chemicals, or use the mascara with the least amount of chemicals but we will come on to this later in the article.

What Ingredients to Look for in a Mascara for Dry Eyes

When looking for a mascara for dry eyes you want to ensure you’re staying away from any formulas with fragrance and instead look for mascaras with non-toxic ingredients like shea butter and natural oils. Any formulas that include alcohol, fragrances or parabens are notorious for causing eye irritation. A good rule is to look for hypoallergic mascaras as these have been allergy-tested and approved for those with sensitive or dry eyes.

How To Take Care Of Dry Eyes

The next thing to consider if you suffer from dry eyes is how easy it is to remove your mascara. Waterproof mascara can be great for it’s budget-proof ability but when it comes to trying to take it off it requires some elbow grease that can often irritate the eyes through rubbing. With this in mind, it’s better to opt for a mascara that is easy to wipe away and ditch the weatherproof formulas.

On the note of removing mascara, it’s also important that you are fully removing any makeup from your eye before you go to bed. This will allow the area to breath and get rid of any bacteria build-up. Cleanse your eyes with a gentle cleanser my favourite for dry sensitive eyes is the Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser. This cleanser easily removes makeup and moisturises the eye area without irritation.

It’s important to replace your mascara more regularly if you suffer with dry or irritated eyes. Mascara is known for harbouring bacteria due to it being a wet formula because of this that bacteria can harm your eyes making them feel more dry, leading to irritation. It’s advised that those who suffer from dry eyes change their mascara every month to ensure limited irritation.

Those with super dry eyes may find it beneficial to use eye drops before applying eye makeup. Pop in a few eye drops and allow the eyes to absorb the extra moisture for 30 minuets before applying your mascara.

The best mascaras for dry eyes

When it comes to finding the best mascara for dry eyes, it’s important to look for formulas that are gentle, long-wearing, and enriched with nourishing ingredients. The five mascaras mentioned below will allow those even with dry eyes to have voluminous lashes without irritation.

Lash Me Up by Cocunat – £20.65 – My top pick!

I think this is the first time a product we have reviewed has got top marks in all three review areas! If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara that not only enhances your lashes but is also gentle on sensitive and dry eyes, look no further. Our top pick, the “Lash me up” mascara from Cocunat, is a game-changer.

This natural black mascara is designed to define and separate your lashes, giving you a defined look with long, volumised, and clump-free lashes. What’s even better? It’s made with 99.6% natural ingredients, ensuring that it’s gentle on the eyes and perfect for those with sensitivities or dry eyes.

More Than Just a Mascara But there’s more to this mascara than meets the eye. The “Lash me up” mascara doesn’t just add definition without clumping; it also stimulates growth and strengthens your eyelashes. The professional silicone wand works meticulously through the lashes individually, ensuring each lash gets the attention it deserves. Plus, the ingredients list boasts a range of nourishing oils like sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, and coconut oil, which are known for their lash-loving properties.

A Great Deal for Quality And if you’re someone who loves a good bargain, you’ll be pleased to know that the “Lash me up” mascara is often on sale. Priced at £20.65, it offers great value for money, especially considering the high-quality, natural ingredients used in its formulation. So, not only do you get a mascara that’s kind to your eyes, but you also get it at a fantastic price!

Lash Me Up by Cocunat is our number one pick for Dry eyes or sensitive eyes. Picked and reviewed by a professional make up artist.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara

This mascara is perfect for those with dry eyes as it is formulated with a long-wearing formula that won’t smudge or flake. The brush is designed to coat every lash for maximum impact without irritation.

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara

This mascara is perfect for those who want to add volume and length to their lashes without causing irritation. The formula is enriched with castor oil, which nourishes and strengthens lashes while also being gentle on dry eyes.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This mascara is designed to give a full fan effect without clumping or flaking. The formula is ophthalmologist tested, making it safe for those with dry eyes.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara

This mascara is known for its lengthening and volumizing properties without causing irritation. The formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as vitamin B5 and serin, which promote healthy lash growth.

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara

This mascara is perfect for those with dry eyes as it is formulated to be long-wearing without causing irritation. The brush is designed to separate and lengthen lashes while also adding volume for a dramatic look.

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