Testing REFY Beauty Cream Bronzer and Blush

I’ve been seeing REFY beauty circulating the internet with its catalogue of brow products, infamous lip-sculpt and supposedly brilliant creamy bronzer and blush formulas. Of course, being the makeup enthusiast I am, I needed to get in on the action and really put these products to the test to see if they’re worth splashing the cash on.

Is REFY beauty really worth the hype it’s been receiving online? Well, I’m about to find out before you start spending your hard-earned wages.

Who are REFY beauty?

REFY beauty came from the imagination of beauty influencer Jess Hunt and if using her collection will give me a makeup base as flawless as hers then she can take all of my money she wants.

REFY may have only launched three years ago but in that time it’s created a huge impact in the beauty world with its products that never seem to miss a beat, with every single product being spoken raved about online. With no base products such as foundation, the REFY collection seems aimed at helping us to celebrate what we naturally have rather than cover and conceal, which in itself is something that should be highly praised.

This may be down to the influence creator Jess Hunt has in the social media space, but even with this, there is no denying the success the brand has seen is incredible in the space of just a three-year period.

Time to get testing!

I purchased the REFY dual face brush, cream bronzer and cream brush, there are a few other products I’ve seen being raved about (such as the lip sculp and the brow gel) but, as I’m a lover of a bronzed base and blushed cheeks, these were the two that I was most interested in trying.

To really test out REFY beauty I needed to purchase the dual face brush that is created specifically to apply the face products perfectly. This features a smaller dense brush on one end, which is great to apply the cream products with and a stippling face brush on the other to diffuse the product further. I have to say, I love the dense brush for application however, I did find the fluffier end shed a fair few bristles on my first application. This may just be down to it being used for the first time, but attempting to pick the fallen bristles off my face without disturbing the product underneath wasn’t ideal.

REFY Cream Bronzer

The bronzer comes in a choice of four shades to suit light, medium and dark skin tones. I will say, the deepest shade Onyx doesn’t look as though it caters for the deepest of skin tones so keep this in mind if your wanting to purchase. The REFY website itself does have reference images to make it easier to choose a bronzer to match your skin.

My shade match was sand, this is one of the lighter shade of bronze in the collection. When opening the packaging and first being met by the satisfaction of an untouched makeup product, I was slightly worried it was on the orange side but as soon as I applied it onto my face I fell in love.

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the formula of this, it has just the right amount of pigment which flawlessly blends and let me tell you, the blend ability of this formula is perhaps one of the best cream bronzers I’ve ever tried. It melts into the skin like butter to create a beautiful natural sun kissed glow.

I did notice that by the end of the day it had worn off on my cheeks slightly but not any more than I would expect from a cream product that hasn’t been powdered.

REFY Cream Blush

*SPOILER ALERT* this is my new favourite blush! Again, when purchasing I wasn’t too sure which colour to pick but with almost half the colours out of stock (if you see the shade you want in stock – grab it!) I had a smaller selection to choose from. I ended up picking the shade Malaya which is a beautiful mix of pink and mauve and a blush colour that wasn’t currently in my collection.

This blush is SUPER pigmented, when first applying I went in with a little too much product however, because of its easy to blend formula, it required minimal effort to pat into the skin and diffuse the product to make it look more natural.

It felt creamy on the skin which my dry thirsty skin was extremely thankful for. It gives a slight gloss to the cheeks which creates the ultimate glow from within look I’m always drooling over.

This formula seems to have slightly more longevity than the bronzer, whether that’s just down to the formula or the placement I’m not sure, but the rosy glow on my cheeks stayed put all day.

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