Testing Made By Mitchell Blursh

My TikTok page is being swamped by people testing and raving about the Made By Mitchell Blursh. I am nothing if not easily influenced, so of course I had to purchase my own products to see what all the fuss is about. Is the Made By Mitchell Blursh collection really as good as the internet is saying, or are we just being brainwashed by TikTok trends and ads posted by beauty gurus? Well, we’re about to find out!

Testing Made By Mitchell Blursh

To really gain a better idea of the quality of the Blursh range I got my hands on three shades, one liquid blush and two bronzer shades. Retailing at only £16 per Blursh if these products are as good at the beauty community is saying then they could become a makeup bag essential for me.

My initial thoughts were that the products looked slightly small but after trying them out and seeing a little goes a long way, I’m confident they would last as long as any other bronze or blush product.

Sweet Cheeks Liquid Blursh

First up, lets talk blush as these seem to be the products I see circulating the most. I managed to get my hands on one of the best sellers “sweet cheeks” which is the perfect bubble gum pink blush for a pop of colour on the cheeks. Usually I’m more of a peachy, subtle blush kind of girl but there’s no denying the colour of this blush is beautiful. This shade is more on the cool toned side but is perfect if you’re looking for a classic, yet vibrant blush shade then this could be the one for you. However, there is a large shade range to choose from so you’re bound to find a colour that suits you and your skin tone best.

The product looks super pigmented in the packaging and it’s not different on the face. The amount of colour pay of is remarkable, if you don’t want the colour to be too intense then I’d advise to go in with less product than you think you need and build up accordingly.

I did find I had to work quick to blend it in as they do dry down pretty fast, once they’ve dried down, they’re stuck which is both a pro and a con. Tricky for those who like to take their time to blend but fantastic if you want your blush to stay on all day.

The beauty of Blursh is that it’s a multiuse liquid product that can be applied anywhere! If you love matching your blush to your lip colour, then then Made By Mitchell has answered all your prayers with the Blursh collection. Due to them drying down into a powder formula they even work wonderfully on the eyes to create bright eyeshadow looks.

Sweet Cheeks

Liquid Blursh Bronzers

The first time I used the bronzer Blursh I was blown away by its ability to create a blurring effect on the skin. It was almost like a filter in a bottle and made my skin look super smooth. I was dubious as to how blurring the products would be, but they definitely live up to their name and gave me a fabulous bronzed base.

They layer easily on the skin; however I would say like with most liquid product don’t apply over powder products as it could cause your makeup to separate underneath and move the products you’re already set down.

I didn’t notice much of a difference in the formula of the blush or bronzer Blursh, they both were similar in their application and equally as pigmented. The bronzer shades did seem to blend out to a more sheer look but was easy to build up to my desired sun kissed look.

The two shades I tested were “Shady Business” which was a warm bronzed colour and “Bend N Snatch” which was a much deeper contour shade.

Shady Business

Blend N Snatch

The darker of the two shades was perhaps a little too dark for my skin, I preferred using the lighter shade for a sun kissed glow as the other did end up looking slightly muddy when I applied too much. This isn’t so much a problem with the Blursh formula but with my ability to match my skin with the best shade.

All in all I liked the formula and would definitely use the Blursh bronzer again, however, being someone who enjoys a more luminous makeup the Blursh didn’t quite hit the spot for me. This is nothing to go against the formula or pigment and instead just based off of my personal preference.

Final Thoughts

If you have oily skin and find that most liquid products don’t quite work in harmony with your skin type, then you need to give Blursh a go! Unlike most liquid products, they dry down to a matte formula that almost feels like powder on the skin, this is not only great for their longevity but for those who don’t appreciate any extra hydration or oils added to their face.

I’m a dry skin girly and love the addition of extra hydration in my skin so the product drying down to matte didn’t suit my skin type as much as I believe it would if you had oily skin. With that being said, I’m still impressed by how well it lasted on my skin and the incredible pigment.

I can confirm the TikTok videos aren’t lying, the Blursh collection is a definite must try if your obsessed with a bright blush or long-lasting bronzer.

Want to know about the history of Made by Mitchell?

Made by Mitchell was founded by MUA Mitchell Halliday, it began with a dream and a huge splash of colour. Mitchell, hailing from Manchester, always had a flair for creativity and self-expression.

Starting his career on Instagram, he quickly gained a strong following with his unique, bold looks and knack for showing genuine personality. His passion for beauty was infectious, and before long, Mitchell’s name began to echo through the beauty community, leading him to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. His creativity and authenticity shone through, paving the way for the inception of his own brand.

A transformative moment came in 2020 when Mitchell decided to bottle his passion for makeup and share it with the world, hence Made By Mitchell was born. The brand was a mirror reflection of Mitchell’s vibrant personality, showcasing high-quality products bursting with colour and oozing creativity.

From the off, the brand was keen to foster a community where everyone felt included and could express themselves freely. They launched with a duo of spectacular eyeshadow palettes, ‘Feet on the Ground‘ and ‘Head in the Clouds‘, that were instant hits and marked the beginning of the brand’s successful journey.

As Made By Mitchell blossomed, it upheld its commitment to high-quality, inclusive products, creating waves in the makeup industry. The brand’s offering expanded to include a range of products, from its iconic blushers to mesmerising highlighters, all showcasing Mitchell’s eye for detail and quality. Each product seemingly carries a bit of Mitchell’s magic, embodying his love for vibrant colours, and always inviting everyone to celebrate their individuality.

Made by Mitchell pop up store at H beauty, Bristol.

Made by Mitchell really took off when he became an overnight TikTok sensation. This was again down to the vibrant products such as the Made by Mitchell Blursh.

At just 24 he opened his first ever pop-up store in H beauty in Bristol. With his recent TikTok videos regularly getting over 9 million likes, Made by Mitchell is a brand that is here to stay and loved by all!

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