How To Use a Gua Sha

You know that slightly strange shaped, crystal looking tool that’s been doing the rounds on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram? Well that’s a Gua Sha. Although it may not look much it actually has a surprising amount of benefits for your skin.

Let’s find out how to use a Gua Sha and what benefits they can really bring.

What is a Gua Sha

A Gua Sha is beauty technique that originated in China and which is said to help transport energy (or chi) around the body. You simply apply pressure to the smooth-edged tool and glide the Gua Sha over your skin, performing a number of techniques (we’ll get on to those soon) which helps to produce a number of benefits to the skin.

How to use a Gua Sha

Benefits of using a Gua Sha

It may seem like just a piece of stone with slightly strange shaped edges but using a Gua Sha can have some fantastic benefits on your skin.

Believe me, I was sceptical at first too, but it actually does make a noticeable difference to your skin. As a puffy faced princess myself, using a Gua Sha on my skin has really helped to tone down any water retention in my face making it appear slimmer. If you too have puffy skin, then adding some Gua Sha techniques into your skin care routine could be your saving grace.

Not only does it help reduce puffiness it also helps to produce collagen in your skin that will help keep your face looking youthful for longer and soften any fine lines.

Want sculpted facial features? No problem, prolonged used of a Gua Sha is also meant to help sculpt your facial muscles to make your cheekbones and jawline look more snatched, no filler needed.

Some extra benefits include: a brighter complexion, decreased inflammation and temporarily tightened skin.

How to use a Gua Sha

Now you know what a Gua Sha actually is and why you should consider using it, it’s time to actually talk about how you’d go about using it. So, how do you use a Gua Sha?

Before using a Gua Sha it’s always best to apply a serum or cream to your face, this will help the tool glide much easier over your skin and limit any discomfort.

Use your Gua Sha in six main areas around your face.

How to use a Gua Sha

Neck and Throat

Starting at your collarbones sweep upwards using the longest side of your Gua Sha all the way to your jawline. Repeat twice before moving on to your throat. Here you want to sweep in the same motion, repeating twice before moving onto the next part of your face.


Applying a medium pressure sweep your tool from the centre of your chin alone one side of your jaw for two rounds before proceeding onto the other side of your jaw.


Using the flat side of your tool work from the corners of your mouth outwards towards your cheek bones until you reach your ear. Practice this movement twice before repeating on the other side.

Under Eyes

Beginning below the inner corner of your eye sweep your Gua Sha gently towards you hairline, repeat the process twice and repeat under you second eye.


Drag the Gua Sha from the middle of your eyebrow all the way towards your hairline and repeat on the opposite side.


Lastly, you want to move back to the middle of your eyebrow, but this time sweep the wide edge of your tool upwards towards your hair line repeat twice before moving onto your other eyebrow.

In all areas, after each motion you can slightly wiggle the tool in place to help release any tension. To see the best effects of using a Gua Sha you want to be using the tool at least once a week. For faster results use your Gua Sha once a day, but even once a week will have you seeing and feeling recognisable results.

Wash your Gua Sha after every use, allow to air dry and store safely in a bag to avoid any contamination.

ESPA Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

Revolution Skincare Gua Sha – Rose Quartz

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