How To Store Your Skincare Products

Much like any makeup collection, skincare collections can be vast with lots of products to find space for, so the thought of how to store your skincare toolkit properly begins to arise. As you become more and more obsessed with the idea of perfect skin your collection will start to grow and it’s at this point you look around and realise you may need to build an extension to cope with the sheer amount of beauty products you’ve accumulated on your journey to flawless skin.

Your bathroom may seem like the obvious choice for skincare storage and although this seems like the perfect place to pop your collection down, the nature of steamy showers and frequent changes in temperature can make the environment unsuitable for skincare. Typically you want to keep your products as cool as possible and store away from damp atmospheres that could produce mould.

How to store your skincare

Ideally, you want to store your skin care in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. The temperature range that is advised is 15-20 degrees Celsius.

The best place to store your skincare is in a dedicated skin care cupboard, out of the bathroom and away from any extreme temperate changes. For extra protection you can even store your products away in their own beauty bag. One of my personal favourites is the Flat Lay Co. beauty storage bag. It’s like the Tardis of beauty storage, with so much space for storing products inside. They also have heaps of styles to choose from to match your own personality!

Keeping your skincare in the fridge

If you’re a lover of social media and tend to gather your knowledge about all thing’s beauty from your Instagram or TikTok feed, then chances are you’ve probably been seeing a lot of campaigning for keeping your skincare in the fridge. But is this really the best place to store your skincare?

Pros of keeping skincare in the fridge

Two products that can benefit from fridge storage are products that include both vitamin C and retinol. Storing these in the fridge can prolong the shelf life of your products as they can be easily affected by heat which in turn speeds up the expiration of said (often expensive) products. Other gel or water-based products may also be refrigerated. Moisturiser and sheet masks are likely fine to store in the fridge along with serums that include the above ingredients.

Some of the pros to keeping appropriate products in the fridge include helping to refresh and soothe the skin – who doesn’t enjoy some cooling on their skin to wake them up, especially in the warm summer months. The cooler the products the more ability it has to de-puff the skin and reduce inflammation, the chilled nature of fridge-kept products will help to calm redness and any facial swelling. If you like the idea of storing your makeup in the fridge but would rather keep it away from your groceries, investing in a beauty fridge could be for you.

STYLPRO Beauty Fridge

Beware, not every skincare product belongs in the fridge! Taking note of any storage recommendations on your products is always a good idea. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on where they are best intended to be stored and you’ll add a welcome layer of economy to your beauty regime as well as keeping them working at their most efficient.

Cons of keeping skincare in the fridge

Although it may be beneficial for you to keep some of your skincare products in the fridge not every product belongs in a cold environment. Oils and waxes will solidify in cold temperatures and end up splitting, so a fridge isn’t a great storage option for these skincare types.

It may not be possible to find a slot in your fridge amongst all of the vegetables and old sauces that have been lingering for way too long and it’ll end up getting pushed all of the hard to reach places. Also, if your man is anything like mine then there’s always the risk of him staggering home one light and using your favourite and most expensive cream as mayonnaise on his BLT.

How to tell if your skincare has gone off

Just like any beauty product skincare has a shelf life and unfortunately won’t last forever. If you complete your routine every day, morning and night, you’ll probably find you’ll run your products dry long before ever having to worry about if you’re skin care is past its use-by date, but it may it may still be useful to know how to identify if your skincare has gone bad.

Firstly, to keep your skin care as fresh as possible always ensure to screw any lids on as tight as possible. Pump products tend to be the best at keeping out any moisture, however any lingering residue around the nozzle can harbour bacteria so it’s always best to clean this off after every use.

Keep an eye out for any changes in the consistency of your products. The best indication that your skin care has gone past its best is if you begin to notice a change in it’s appearance. Another telling sign is the odour of your skincare. If you notice your skincare is starting to smell a little off then it’s best to replace it.

The usual life expectancy of beauty products can range anywhere from 3 months to 24 months after opening. It’s always best to keep track of when your open your products and check its expiry date. This will be visible on the bottle and be in the form or a small symbol and a time scale next to it (see below).

Expiration date symbols
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