How To Perfectly Apply Mascara

How to perfectly apply mascara every time following only a few simple steps. It may seem simple, but in actual fact there is a method to create a perfect mascara application every time. Follow some simple steps to get a flawless mascara application without the dread of flicking mascara onto your eye lids or your fresh foundation base (I know, thank me later!).

Go ahead, grab your favourite mascara, we’re going in.

Find your mascara match

Knowing how to perfectly apply mascara begins with the product you choose. One mascara that I find incredible on my lashes may not do the same for you, it’s important to identify the type of lashes you have, if they’re long, short, straight, or curled and then decide on if you need lengthened, volumizing or all of the above.

The mascara formula and brush matter. Make some time to have a look at finding the best mascara for your eyelashes before proceeding with your mascara application.

Start with a fresh base

Sometimes mascara can stick around so it’s super important you fully cleanse your lashes to remove every inch off your lashes. A fresh, free of any product base will ensure a smoother more flawless mascara application.

Having fresh, clean lashes will help the mascara glide over them without any clumping caused from sticking to old product.

Curl your lashes

Some take this extra step in mascara application, others don’t. I have to admit, since I started curling my lashes I have noticed a massive improvement in how my lashes appear. Curling your lashes gives that little helping hand in lifting your lashes and making them appear longer, it’s an especially crucial step for those with straight lashes.

Grab your eyelash curler and tilt your head slightly. Rest your eyelashes on the bottom of the bottom cushion of the eyelash curler, look down and gently pinch the handles together and hold for at least five seconds. I like to pulse a few times to really lift the lashes. Don’t press down to hard, you don’t want to break your lashes.

Tweezerman Deluxe Classic Eyelash Curler

Apply a primer

To go that one step further you can apply a lash primer before your mascara. A lash primer conditions and nourishes the lashes to aid healthy growth. An eyelash primer helps the mascara adhere to your lashes achieving thicker, longer looking lashes.

benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer

How to perfectly apply mascara to your top lashes

Swirl the wand inside the tube to retrieve product, DO NOT pump as this can let air into the product and cause your mascara to dry out.

Remove any excess product from the bristles – you can do this by gently wiping the brush against the top of the tube. Too much product can leave your lashes looking clumpy.

Angle your mirror underneath you so you are looking downwards into it. Start applying your mascara right at the base of your lashes, you want to direct most of the product here to create that full lash effect. Lightly wiggle the brush and comb the mascara wand upwards through your lashes rotating the wand as you go … there’s always the teaspoon trick (pictured) if you need a little help.

The Teaspoon Trick for a professional-looking finish

Go back in with a second layer straight away applying with the exact same method. Try not to go overboard with adding too many coats, three is an absolute maximum as too many coats will leave your lashes clumpy.

Direct the product to your inner and outer corner lashes making sure every inch of your lash line has been covered by product. If you are using a thick, volumizing wand you may even want to switch to a smaller wand to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational

Move on to your bottom lashes

When applying bottom lash mascara I only use a small thin brush, this gives me much more control when applying and minimises the chances of getting product on the skin.

Similarly to the top lash application you want to start at the roots and then comb the product downward through your lashes with your wand coating your lashes fully.

To diminish the possibility of spidery looking bottom lashes I would suggest sticking to one or two coats maximum.

ICONIC London Triple Threat Mascara

Cleaning up

Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to not slip and get any mascara on your skin, there really is nothing worse than completing a full face of makeup just to have it ruined by a fallen dollop of mascara – another plus point of the teaspoon (!), or why not just be far more sensible than I am and buy the little protective paper eyelash shields that go under your lashes.

If the worst does happen then don’t panic, wait for the product to dry before gently pealing the product from your skin, if it won’t budge easily use a cotton swab with some makeup remover to gently rub away any mascara fallout.

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