How To Make Coloured Mascara Show

Most of us will choose black or brown coloured mascara for an everyday, enhanced lash, but if you’re feeling a bit more playful and want to experiment with different coloured lashes for a stand-out look then coloured mascara may be the way to go! Here’s how to make coloured mascara show up to its boldest form.

Coloured mascaras are often overlooked when it comes to creating a showstopping eye makeup. Typically, we reach for coloured eyeshadow palettes to do all the creative talking on our eyelids. Why is it that we seem to be scared of coloured mascara? Is it because the social norm is to add an eyeshadow to your lids for that colour pop? Or is there just not enough coloured mascara choice available?

I have to admit, I’ve never really come across too many mascaras that weren’t just the usual brown, black or the occasional blue shade sometimes thrown in there. It could be that my tunnel vision for only dark black lashes has any other colour mascara options blanked from my sight. Turns out, there is actually much more option out there than you may think!

Coloured mascaras to try

From blue to green, pink to yellow and even shimmering gold or silver, there is a coloured mascara available to suit you!

3INA Makeup the Colour Mascara

The 3INA Makeup the Colour Mascara allows you to get playful with five different coloured shades to choose from, generating a bold, colourful pigment that is great for coating your lashes in daring colour.

Lime Crime Astronomical Volumising

Here’s another mascara formula produced in several shades. Depending on your colour choice, this mascara deposits bold blue, lavender, or lime colour onto you lashes, achieving out of this world results.

Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect Coloured Mascara – Dime/Goldmine

A dual mascara that boast both a gold and silver metallic topcoat, what’s not to love? Have fun creating impactful, distinct makeup looks with this playful product.

How to make coloured mascara show

Now, your brand-new colour mascara has arrived, you’ve applied it to your lashes and decided, actually, you want to go all out with the most striking colour pay off possible. How do you then go about making your coloured mascara show up even bolder? Well, let me tell you…

Applying a coloured mascara right over the top of dark lashes may not make the mascara colour as striking as the shade appears on the wand bristles. If you’re looking for just a subtle tint then of course, applying a couple layers of coloured mascara over your natural lash in the same way you apply your usual mascara works wonderfully, but if you’re choosing a coloured mascara you want it to be as bold as possible, right?

Just follow two simple steps to make the colour as opaque as possible!

1. Apply a white mascara base

Just like when you’re painting over a dark colour you may find priming it with a white base is crucial to achieving the best colour pay off. If you’re looking for the brightest outcome possible from your coloured mascara, then first applying a white mascara before proceeding with the coloured formula can achieve the boldest results.

L’Oréal Paris Paradise Lash Primer

2. Choose the right eyeshadow to match

Maybe you’re looking for something to further enhance your coloured lashes, or you just don’t fancy purchasing an additional white mascara primer, then there are extra methods you can follow to making your coloured mascara stand out.

The most important think to remember is you want to stay away from a coloured eyeshadows that matches the colour of your mascara as this will camouflage your lashes. Instead, you want to choose a shadow that allows your lashes to take centre stage. Reach for a refined, light base to allow your lashes to be the focus of your makeup. Alternatively, if your lashes are extra bright you can even pair with a dark or black colour on your lids for a striking colour contrast.

Final thoughts

Coloured mascara is often a makeup trend we see on the high fashion runways, so why is this highly fashionable makeup choice not being translated as heavily into everyday makeup fashion?

Let’s be honest, coloured lashes look incredible! It may not be to everyone’s taste, and perhaps isn’t the most subtle choice for everyday wear, but next time your sat wondering what new, creative look you can wear for your night out, why not give the coloured lash a go?

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