How To Get Mascara Out Of The Carpet

Prodding yourself in the eyes with your mascara wand is bad enough but dropping your mascara on the floor while fumbling around to get out the door on time is a whole new level of frustration! You stare down in disbelief, thinking “how am I going to get the *bleeping* mascara out of the carpet?”

Stop and take a breath – no more feeling overwhelmed by the possibility of staining your carpet with a greasy, gunky black mess, there are plenty of ways to reverse the disastrous mishap. I know, it’s a miracle!

The best cleaning products to remove mascara from your carpet

Maybe you’ve tried carpet cleaner on your mascara disasters before and not had the outcome you expected, or perhaps you’ve run out and are now in desperate need of anything to clear up your mascara spillage, the good news is there is some household solutions to banishing your mascara staining problems.

How to get mascara out of the carpet

As soon as the dreaded incident happens you need to act fast! Leaving the mascara to sit on your carpet for too long will only make the removal process twice as difficult. I’m sorry to say, removing mascara stains isn’t a quick fix but it is 100% possible!

Step 1

Remove the excess. If there is a hefty blob of mascara sitting on the carpet then it’s always best to try and remove as much of the product before going in with your cleaner. Scrape the mascara away rather than wiping. This way the mascara splodge is less likely to spread and cause an even bigger stain. When proceeding to the next cleaning step always remember to dab rather than wipe. Wiping can spread the mascara stain even more and instead press it into the carpet rather than removing it.

Step 2

Using a Stain Remover

Typically, any stain remover you buy will come with instruction outlining how to use it. Make sure to read these carefully before proceeding with the mascara removal. It is likely that you will need to invest in a carpet cleaner that has stain removing powers rather than just a bog-standard carpet cleaner to fully eliminate any stains.

Vanish Gold Carpet Care Spray

Carpet cleaner to remove mascara from the carpet

Using Makeup Remover

If you don’t have a stain remover easily available then your next choice should be a makeup remover. Designed specifically to break down makeup particles for easy removal giving this a go at ridding the makeup stain is a no brainer. The best type of makeup remover is one that is capable of removing even the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras.

Pour a few drops of your makeup remover onto a clean cloth and blot the mascara away from the carpet. Be persist with this motion, you may need to go over it a few times before the mascara is lifted away.

VICHY Pureté Thermale Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover

Using Dish Soap

Another household item that is great for banishing those pesky mascara stains is dish soap. Mascara usually contains lots of oil in its formula which some carpet cleaners just can’t cut through, this is when you turn to a product made for busting away grease.

Dish soap is created to break through the grease that cooking causes so the oils in mascara are no match. The best part of using dish soap is that pretty much everyone has it so you don’t need to go out of your way buying a new carpet cleaner. If you’re caught out with no stain remover and reluctant to waste your micellar water on a mascara stain, then it’s dish soap that will come to your rescue!

Mix half a teaspoon of dish soap with a cup of warm water. Soak a clean cloth or sponge in the solution and begin blotting away the stain. After some persistence your carpet should be as good as new and free of mascara stains.

Step 3

Once you’ve used your chosen product on the mascara stain your carpet may still be looking a little wet. Dab up any excess water with a dry cloth or paper towel before allowing to air dry completely.

Final notes

Lets face it, the best possible way to get mascaras out of the carpet is to avoid dropping your mascara wand at all. I know, that’s much easier said than done and the probability of never dropping your mascara again is pretty slim but diminishing that possibility is always something to try, right?

How do you cut the possibility of dropping your mascara wand? I here you ask. Well, trying to relax and take your time during your makeup application is a good start! The best thing to do is to give yourself a little more time to get ready. It always seem like any time you’re in a rush that’s when disasters happen, right? There is a reason for this, the break in concentration caused by being in a fluster will often have you making mistake than can result in stained carpets. Cutting the stress will in turn cut the possibility of stained carpets, win win!

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