How To Fix Dried Out Mascara

Have you ever gone to use your favourite mascara only to find it’s just not doing the job it’s supposed to? Maybe the formula feels extra dry, or it’s just not transferring as much product to your lashes as it usually would.  If you find yourself frantically trying to scrape out product but just keep being met by a clumpy mess, even after only a mere few months of owning, then you’re mascara might need a little helping hand to revive!

Mascara + Air = Expensive Tarmac

What causes mascara to dry up?

Mascaras dry out after being exposed to too much air. The main culprits of a dried out mascara are; pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube when retrieving product, this allows extra air to enter your mascara, or, by not sealing your mascara properly. When trying to retrieve product from your mascara bottle swirl the lid instead of pumping up and down and always ensure the lid it tightly sealed. Swirling the wand inside will still retrieving just as much product, but won’t allow any extra air to make its way into the tube to dry the formula out.

Make doubly sure you always seal you mascara fully for it to live as long a life as possible, screw the lid all the way down until you can turn it no more, even the slightest crack in the seal could end with dried out mascara. There really is nothing worse than applying all your makeup, reaching for your favourite mascara, only to find its unusable. But how do you fix a dried out mascara? Fear not, there are steps you can take to revive a dried-out mascara in order to keep it as lasting as long as possible!

How to revive your dried out mascara

Before discarding, why not try some simple hacks to give your mascara a new lease of life? These tips and trick can save you the cost of replacing expensive mascaras that can still have lots of life left in them.

So, how do you fix dried out mascara? If you’ve had your mascara for over 6 months then it’s mostly likely just an end of life product. However, if you’re finding your mascara isn’t performing as well as it usually does within that period then giving these simple makeup hacks a go should give your mascara a new lease of life.

Stand in hot water

Do not pour hot water into your mascara tube, I repeat, do not pour hot water into the tube! During this hack you don’t want to let any water into the mascara tube. Instead, fill a cup with hot water, pop in your (tightly sealed!) mascara tube and allow to sit for a few minutes.

This should reactivate the formula and melt away any dryness.

Use eye drops

Some mascaras may need a little more of a helping hand than just being popped in hot water. Eye drops or contact lens solution are great for adding into dried mascaras to get them working again. Start by adding five drops of your solution into the tube one by one. Give the mascara a swirl with the wand to help the eye drops blend with the mascara formula. If needed, you can go ahead and add a few more drops if your mascara is extra dry.

You can even stand your tube into hot water after adding in the eye drops to combine the two rejuvenating effects.

Et voilà, your mascara will hopefully be back to it’s non-clumping, easy-to-work-with self!

Top Mascara Picks

Let me introduce you to some of my top mascara recommendations for all round fabulousness! These are three mascaras that will never let your lashes down! Remember, if they start drying up early, give them a shot at revival before chucking away!

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Charotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes

Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
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