How To Contour For Your Nose Shape

Girl's face with makeup contour lines drawn on the brow, cheeks and nose.

Contouring for your nose works in a similar way to contouring any other part of your face. It’s a blend of techniques that work together to sculpt your nose in order to make it appear smaller or even a different shape. Creeping up in popularity, it’s a makeup technique that you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to be snatched!

Choose the correct contour shade.

When contouring it’s important you don’t reach for a warm toned bronzer. Bronzer and contour can often be mistaken for the same product, when in reality they should be used for two different purposes.

The intention of contour is to create shadows, so opting for a cool toned shade will create the appearance of shadows rather than warming up your complexion as occurs when using a bronzer.

Before applying your contour go ahead with your usual base makeup, this will ensure that your contour has a smooth base to sit on top of for the most flawless application.

Choose your contour type

Contour can come in several different formulas these being: powder, cream, and liquid.

Powder contour has the most longevity out of the three contour types however, you may find it looks the least natural. It is typically harder to blend powder products which may create hard contour lines that look particularly unnatural in daylight. When using powder bronzer to contour your nose be sure to start with a little and build up the product to avoid any harsh lines.

Cream and liquid contour is usually more natural looking on the skin as it tends to blend into the skin and look more natural than a powder product. However you may find that it has a limited longevity as apposed to powder bronzer.

If using a cream or liquid product, dot the product on to the skin rather than mapping out any harsh lines. This will make your contour appear more natural and minimise the chance of it looking like streaks of product down the side of your nose.

Where to apply

Begin by applying your chosen product along the sides of your nose, starting from under the brows and ending just above the nostrils. Draw an arc just before the tip of your nose and underneath to form a pixie nose.

Sometimes it may be important to judge the best placement of your nose contour based on the type of nose you have. Here is how to contour for you nose shape to create the a nose contour that suits your nose shape.

Contouring an undefined, flat nose

If the bridge of your nose is undefined, you’ll be looking to add more structure to your nose. To do this apply two lines of contour down the bridge of your nose and blend this will give the illusion of more definition.

Contouring a crooked nose

Crooked noses appear more uneven and could have a slight slant to the bridge. The goal to contouring a crooked nose is to make it appear straight. To do this apply a straight line of contour down each side of the bridge of your nose and finish off by highlighting the centre of the bridge.

Contouring a bumped nose

Those that have a bump in the bridge of their nose way be looking to detract attention away from here. Apply contour across the bridge of you nose, over the bump and this with flatten the appearance. Then add your highlighter to the tip of your nose.

Contouring a bulbous nose

Bulbous noses are characterised by wider nostrils and a thinner bridge. If you’re wanting to contour your nose, you’ll likely want to be slimming down the appearance. Apply your contour to the top of your nose bridge, near your eyebrows and at the very bottom of your nose. Apply highlight to the centre of the bridge to create the illusion of more fullness here.

Contouring for a narrow nose

Those with a narrow nose may want the opposite effect from their contour and look to create a wider appearance. In this instance you may just want to pick up a highlighter to enhance the sides of the bridge of your nose to add more thickness. Place the product on the sides of the bridge and blend.

Blend, blend, blend

Contour is renowned for not always looking the most natural but providing you go in with a light hand, don’t use a shade that’s too dark and blend, blend, blend until the product seamlessly merges into your skin it can still look semi-natural.

The best products for contouring your nose

Most bronzers will work well to create contour, the most important thing is to use a cool toned shade one of two shads darker than you skin tone. This can even be your usual bronzer. The key to a snatched nose contour is to use be precise with your application.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

The lightweight concealer works great for concealing imperfections but equally as well at contouring your nose. It’s ultra lightweight formula easily blends into the skin to create a seamlessly blended nose contour. Just be sure to go sparingly with the product as it can be super pigmented.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand

The viral Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour wand is perfect for creating a natural looking nose contour. Simply dab a few dots of product to the nose and blend out fully.

Fenty Match Stix Matte Skinstick

If you’re looking for an easy to apply contour then the Fenty Match Stix Matte Skinstick could be the perfect product for you. The stick applicator makes applying product fool proof, in just a few swipes it gives a precise application that can be buffed into the skin easily.

Makeup Revolution Contour and Shadow

Speaking of precision, you won’t get a much more precise nose contour application than with the Makeup Revolution Contour and Shadow Crayons. In this kit you get both a contour and highlighter shade, but really we’re only here to hype up the contour. It’s thin crayon tip makes drawing straight contour lines on your nose super easy, ready to be fully blended for a seamless contour.

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