How To Choose Your Foundation Shade Online

Choosing your foundation online can feel like a daunting task. It can be pretty hard to identify exactly how a foundation shade looks online as opposed to in-person. However, with the way society is progressing and the rise of online shopping we can’t help but be swayed by the convenience of ordering foundation online.

The question on everyone’s lips is how do you effectively choose your foundation shade online? Luckily, we’re about to find out…

Why are we buying foundation online?

It’s simple really, to most ordering a foundation online is a much easier experience. You simply have to click a few buttons before it’s delivered to your door, you’ve treated yourself and haven’t even need to leave your bed. It all seems like a pretty stress-free situation, that is until you’re trying out a new foundation and have no idea what shade you should choose.

I’ve already mentioned the convenience of shopping online, but the truth is you can also get a much larger choice of foundations from online beauty sites that simply aren’t stocked on the high street. Brands that originate overseas are often stocked online before they make it onto drugstore or beauty counter shelves. This alone is a big reason we find ourselves swaying towards ordering foundation online as opposed to shopping in store.

The dreaded search for the correct foundation shade is often not enough to deter us from shopping online and nor should it be. Provided you follow a few simple steps and know what types of tones you’re looking for, shopping for your foundation shade online shouldn’t be too daunting.

Know your skin type and shade undertones

Knowing your skin type and the undertone of your skin is pretty important information to know whether you’re ordering foundation online or you’re picking in store.

Of course, in store you have the opportunity to test the foundation against your skin and can actually see how the foundation colour looks in person, which may make choosing the correct shade that bit easier. But this means actually taking time out of your day to go shopping, and us busy people simply don’t always have time for that.

If you’re unsure of your skin type and don’t know how to identify your skin tone, then pop on over to my article on how to choose the correct foundation for your skin. Giving this a read will help you to better understand the types and shade of foundation that you are looking for, which will make choosing a foundation much easier.

Do your research

Sometimes taking a risk with your shade option can work out pretty well, but if you’re spending £25 plus on a foundation do you really want to risk it being completely the wrong shade? I would assume not. Researching different brand’s foundation shades can seem like a long process but honestly, its time well spent and will save you a lot of disappointment in the long run.

Whether it’s searching the internet for shade reviews or scrolling through platforms like YouTube and TikTok the answer is likely to be out there somewhere. Most product listings will include swatches of each foundation against either a light, medium or dark skin tone. These

Helpful tools can also be found online to help you identify a specific brand’s foundation shade against one you may already own. Simply type ‘foundation shade finder’ into your search engine and it should bring up multiple tools that will help identify which shade foundation is likely to match your skin best.

Top Tips

If you’ve fallen victim to choosing the wrong foundation shade it’s not the end of the world, altering the shade of your foundation is pretty simple. If you’ve chosen a foundation too dark, then you can mix it with a lighter shade concealer or foundation to brighten it up or alternatively if it’s too dark you can mix in a slightly darker shade or up the contouring and bronzer. This tip is also great for those who may not always use exactly the same shade all year round.

You may find yourself stuck between two shades when ordering a foundation online. My tip on how to choose your foundation shade online would be to always pick the lighter of the two shades. It is much easier to match a lighter foundation through techniques such as bronzing and contouring. Picking a darker shade could lead to you resembling a tangerine and if a foundation oxidises, as most do, it may become even darker as the day goes on.

Easiest brands to shop online

Working out how to choose your foundation shade online can be made even simpler when using certain foundation brands that add helpful colour matching tools to their products.

Some makeup brands are much easier to shop online than others. It may be that if shopping with brands that make identifying your correct foundation shade online easier are the ones to look at purchasing from. Having multiple reference photos of every skin shade against it matching skin tone is a great reference for those looking to purchase a foundation online.

Other makeup brands may even go the extra mile and ask you to answer a few simple questions to personally match you to your perfect foundation shade. You may even find the brand you’re shopping with has a ‘try on tool’ that shows you the foundation shade against an image of yourself.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Find Your Perfect Shade Tool’

When shopping for foundations on Charlotte Tilbury you can select the ‘Find Your Perfect Shade‘ tool to be directed to a series of questions that will help match you to the foundation that suits your skin tone.

Tools like this are super handy when first shopping for a new foundation as it will help guide you to a match that is correct for you. You can also input the foundation shade you are already using in a different brand into the ‘Match Your Current Foundation’ tool which will match that shade with a Charlotte Tilbury shade.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless

NARS ‘Find Your Shade Tool’

Similarly to the Charlotte Tilbury tool, NARS also offer their own shade matching service with their ‘Matchmaking Shade Finder‘ to help you choose the shade that is right for you. Again, offering a series of images and questions to pick from to match you and a colour shade up.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

L’Oréal ‘Beauty Services’

L’Oréal offer both an online shade matching service and the opportunity to virtually try on not only foundation but any makeup product they offer. This virtual try-on is a superb addition for those who like to see shades visually before they purchase. Pop to the L’Oréal website and click on the ‘Beauty Services’ button located on the product image to be directed to the choice of matching services.

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation
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