How To Apply Blush Perfectly Every Time

We have been obsessed with blusher lately, nothing hits the spot like a subtle (or even a bright) pop of colour on the cheeks to bring some colour back to the complexion. Whether you’re a powder or cream blusher lover here is how to apply blush perfectly every time to achieve healthy, rosy cheeks.

Finding the right blush for you

The key to finding out how to apply blush perfectly every time begins with picking the right blusher for your skin type and skin tone.

Finding a blush that matches your skin tone is of paramount importance, otherwise you might end up with cheeks that look like you’ve been in a brawl rather than a healthy glow. The best blush for you will be dependent on whether you have fair, medium, olive, or deep skin tone.

If you’re looking for some extra information on how to find the best blush for your skin type then click here, give it a read and come right back to find out how to perfectly apply it!

Find the best blush formula for your skin type

The next step is to find the correct formula to work with your skin type and give you the desired finish. The three main types of blush are powder, cream and liquid, and different skin types will be best suited to different formulas.

Oily Skin

Oily skin types will likely benefit from powder formulas as these don’t bring any extra oils to a shiny complexions and are long lasting on the skin. If you are looking for a dewy finish, then opt for a cheek stain as these aren’t too heavy on the oil, dry down matte and won’t be budged by oils from the cheeks.

NARS Cosmetics Blush

Benefit Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain

Normal or combination skin

The best matched for normal or combination skin is a cream blush formula. Combination skin often suffers from an oily t-zone and dryer cheeks, cream blush are the best match for this skin type as they leave a soft finish and won’t cling to dry patches.

Normal skin types will be able to get away with using practically any blush (lucky you!) but I recommend a cream blush for the prettiest finish – the perfect cream blush will give you a radiant finish with just the right pigment for a healthy, natural glow.

Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Cream Blush

Dry Skin

Contrary to one of the fundamental rules of makeup, dry skin and powder blush can actually work in harmony provided you’re using a pore blurring powder blush. Make sure you pop on some moisturiser and prep your skin before application and your pore blurring blusher will have texture in the skin looking flawlessly smooth.

If you do find that your skin is screaming for some hydration then a liquid blush gives a natural dewy pop of colour to the cheeks, while also bringing some much-needed moisture to the skin.

Makeup Revolution Superdewy Liquid Blush

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Blush

How to apply blush perfectly every time

Now you have the perfect blush for you it’s time to talk application! Before proceeding with applying any type of blush you need to prep your skin right. Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturiser before adding your primer and any foundation or concealer. This will give your blush a base to sit on top of for a more flawless application.

Applying cream or liquid blush

As wrong as it may feel, applying cream or liquid bronzer with your fingers can actually be one of the best ways to get the most flawless blush application. Using your fingers warms up the product and allows it to melt unto the skin like butter for a seamless application that looks beautifully natural.

If your blush comes in a bottle you can decant a dollop of product onto the skin using your fingers to lightly tap the blush on the apples and high points of your cheeks and gently press into the skin. To make sure everything is blended together dab your beauty blender over the blush to blend it with your base products. It’s important to remember to never apply cream or liquid product on top of powder set skin as this could leave you with a patchy application.

If your blush comes in a pot, you may find it easier to swirl a face brush into the product to pick up the blush before pressing directly on to the cheeks. Use a dense, synthetic bristle face brush to apply the product into the skin.

How to apply powder blush

If you have applied any cream or liquid products onto your skin, you will need to set this down with a powder before reaching for your powder blush. Applying powder blush straight on top of cream or liquid can often leave you with a patchy application as the powder gets stuck on the cream product and makes it harder to blend seamlessly.

Once you’ve set your makeup with a powder it’s time to get into the good stuff – adding that pop of colour. The perfect powder blush application often starts with finding the best blush brush. Choose a dense fluffy brush with soft bristles that is a medium size that allows for ultimate control. My favourite is the Real Techniques Blush Brush as it’s just the correct size to make application quick but not too big that you lose control of where you’re setting your blush down.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Pat your blush brush in the product but make sure to go in with a light hand; powder blush can be pigmented so it’s always best to start with less and build up accordingly. Using circular motions sweep the blush over the high points and apples of your cheeks and voila perfectly flushed cheeks.

Top blush tips

Layer your blush.

If you find your cream or liquid blush is fading throughout the day, then layering your blusher formulas could be the key to your pop of colour lasting longer. Just like how you layer powder over your foundation to increase its longevity. Simply pop on a cream or liquid blush and then set down with a powder blush in a similar colour.

Get creative!

We may be programmed to believe blusher should only be applied to the apple of the cheeks, but new makeup trends have broken the barriers of typical makeup and now we’re loving a more playful approach to blush! Enter the new era of flushed cheeks (noses and anywhere you fancy!) 2023 is the year to be playful with your blush and test out what placement works best for you.

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