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I’ve been up and down makeup aisles, testing products and reading up on the best waterproof mascaras so you don’t have to!

Whether you’re a busy businessperson, a parent always on the go or (like me!) have the potential to burst into happy or sad tears at any time then this list is the one for you. A good waterproof mascara formula will be long-lasting and reliable with no smudging – Its a product you can turn to without the fear of betrayal.

What do you need to look for to find the Best Waterproof Mascara?

Ingredient Integrity is Important in Waterpoof Mascara

When delving into the world of waterproof mascara, it’s pivotal to start by inspecting the ingredient list. As make-up lovers, we want a product that’s not only effective but also gentle on our lashes and skin. Always opt for mascaras that are free from harmful chemicals and parabens. Not only will these formulations tend to be gentler, but they can also reduce the potential risk of eye irritations. Moreover, ingredients like natural waxes (like carnauba or beeswax) can help in ensuring that the mascara remains resistant to moisture whilst being kind to your lashes.

How easy is it to remove you waterproof mascara?

A great waterproof mascara should undoubtedly stay put during those tear-jerking movies or unexpected rain showers. However, at the end of the day, you shouldn’t need to wrestle it off. When selecting your perfect waterproof mascara, consider its ease of removal. The best brands often have formulas that are long-lasting yet can be easily removed with a gentle make-up remover or micellar water. This ensures your lashes remain healthy and reduces potential damage caused by aggressive scrubbing.

Smudge-Proof Quality is Key

Let’s face it, there’s little more frustrating than checking the mirror to find smudged raccoon eyes, especially after you’ve spent precious time perfecting your look. When assessing waterproof mascaras, be on the lookout for those that promise a smudge-proof finish. User reviews and beauty forums can offer great insights into whether a product truly lives up to this claim. Remember, a mascara that can withstand tears and rain but smudges with the slightest touch isn’t ticking all the boxes.

Waterproof Lash Enhancement Features

Waterproof shouldn’t just mean resilience; it should also enhance and beautify your lashes. Whether you’re after volume, length, or curl, it’s essential to find a mascara that complements your lash needs. The brush design, for instance, can play a significant role in achieving the desired outcome. Spiral brushes often provide excellent curling effects, while thick, dense brushes can offer that voluminous look we all adore. Delve deep into product descriptions and reviews to find a mascara that will not only stay put but will also make your lashes look fabulous.

With these areas in mind, navigating the extensive world of waterproof mascaras becomes a touch easier. Remember, your lashes deserve the best, so it’s always worth taking that extra minute to ensure you’re making a choice that caters to both beauty and well-being.

So, which waterproof mascaras are actually worth purchasing? After lots of hands-on research and testing products I’ve finally got a list of my three favourite waterproof mascaras you need to try!

Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara – Black – Our Top Choice – £19.99 Amazon!

If there’s one mascara that has been catching our attention and for all the right reasons, it’s the Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara in Black. It’s no wonder it’s gaining such traction! The wand is precision-perfected, meaning every lash gets its moment of glory, without any clumping in sight. It elegantly lengthens and volumises, showcasing lashes you never even knew you had!

But let’s not stop at just the wand. The formula is truly where this product shines. Its velvety consistency ensures that each application is seamless and smooth. And, as a devout fan of waterproof mascaras (because, life is unpredictable with its rain showers and occasional tearful moments), this one truly stands out in performance.

Speaking of practicalities, this gem is easily available, whether you’re shopping online, popping to your local Superdrug, or making a quick stop at other high-street stores. With a price tag of around £19 for three at Amazon (the best value deal we could find), it’s giving those high-end brands a real run for their money. Quality makeup needn’t always break the bank, and this mascara is the perfect testament to that belief.

The Verdict

Wearing it through a day packed with activities and the unpredictable British weather? The Max Factor Masterpiece came through unsmudged and undefeated. Whether you’re up against rain, the occasional teary moment, or just typical humidity, this mascara remains loyal to your lashes.

To sum it up, this mascara truly is the masterpiece its name claims it to be. It’s not just making waves as the ‘Best Waterproof Mascara’ – it’s setting the gold standard in multiple categories. From lengthening to volumising, it’s a master at it all. Safe to say, it’s become our absolute favourite!

Max Factor Masterpiece High Definition Waterproof Mascara 4.5ml - Black

Maybelline Sky High Mascara

You’ve probably been seeing this one everywhere, circulating around TikTok and YouTube beauty channels and for good reason! Its thin wand eliminates any possibility of clumpy looking lashes. Instead it proceeds to lift and extend your lashes to ‘sky high’ heights!

The positives of this mascara do not end there though! Even better is that this product comes in one of the best waterproof mascara formulas on the market! Its formula is incredible, a smooth liquid formula that glides beautifully over the lashes to ensure a perfectly even distribution of product.

When choosing a mascara I ALWAYS choose the waterproof one! Why? Because you never know when you may be hit by a shower of rain or even a wave of emotion.

Now, let’s talk about the price. Available online, in your local supermarket or drugstore this mascara is super affordable retailing at around £9.99. This affordable price is what makes this mascara pip some of the higher end more expensive brands to the post. I am all for investing in makeup products that are worth the bucks, but when you can purchase a drugstore product that is just as good then why wouldn’t you? So for me the price makes this product even better!

The Verdict

After a full day of busy social commitments in damp weather the product remained on my lashes with no smudging around my eyes. Rain, tears, or humid weather, this mascara won’t budge!

As you can see this mascara didn’t come here to play! There is a reason it has been making the rounds all over the internet and that is because it’s all around fantastic. We may be here reviewing it as the ‘Best Waterproof Mascara’ but honestly pretty much every ‘best’ title you throw at it would stick. Its incredible lengthening affect is also something to rave about.

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

After being on the prowl for the best waterproof mascara this was one on my list to try and I can honestly say it’s outstanding! Clinique isn’t a brand I’d usually find myself reaching for but after reading reviews online I felt as though this mascara needed to be tested.

A mascara filled with good ingredients that will even work well with more sensitive skin types, ophthalmologist tested to ensure that those with eye conditions are able to enjoy this budge proof mascara. Its fluffy brush glides nicely through the lashes to coat in a layer of mascara.

The Verdict

If like me, you are a person that favours a waterproof formula then you know finding a formula that is actually waterproof is sometimes hard to come by. Clinique have done a wonderful job with this one. It is just as resistant as it claims to be with no end of the day smudging. Its high impact name must come from its ability to with-stand. If your main criteria is a decent mascara that will not be going anywhere all day and works well with sensitive eyes then this is the choice for you!

Nyx Professional Makeup Worth the Hype Waterproof Mascara

Worth the hype or not worth the hype? Well, we can disclose that it certainly is worth it and for the price of only £9.00 this mascara gives us everything we need! Volumising, lengthening and of course the reason it’s on this list, a waterproof formula that clings on to your lashes through tears, rain or sweat!

The applicator on this mascara it packed with bristles that evenly deposit the mascara on to your lashes leaving volumised with added length without clumps. It’s tapered end even makes it easy to reach the inner corner lashes some wands can’t reach. I would recommend applying two layers to your lashes to really get a dramatic full lash that looks boldly brilliant!

The Verdict

Nyx is one of my personal favourite drugstore brands. They deliver time and time again creating makeup products that do exactly what they claim to. A fantastic brand for those starting out in makeup, I really recommend trying out this mascara and maybe even slipping a few other NYX products into your shopping basket while you at it!

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