Best Mascaras For Volumizing Lashes

So, here you are completely nonplussed and in search of the best mascaras for volumizing your lashes. I know, it’s a minefield with SO many different mascara formulas available trying to figure out which are volumizing, which are lengthening, and which products are actually worth the money can be extremely tricky.

I’m sure we’re all in agreement, mascara is possible one the most (if not the most!) important product to make your makeup up look complete. Of course, lengthened, fanned-out lashes are fabulous but it’s really time for volumized lashes to have their moment. After all, who doesn’t want thick, alluring lashes to flutter?

What are volumizing mascaras

In short, volumizing mascaras are superb for making your lashes look dramatic. If you’re a little lacking in the thick lash department than choosing a volumizing mascara could be the missing ingredient in your makeup routine.

Volumizing mascaras give that false lash effect without having to go through that sticky struggle of actually applying fake lashes. We’ve all been there, right? Running late and trying to stick on a false lash that just doesn’t want to play ball. Why not cut out the frustration and apply a mascara that gives that same effect? No glue required.

The effect a mascara gives is usually all down to the wand bristles with a little help from the correct formula. You’ll find the bigger the wand usually equals the bigger the lashes. Wands packed with bristles are designed to deposit product to give a lot of coverage to your lashes. In turn, this then loads even the smallest of your lashes up with product, creating extra volumized and incredibly sultry lashes.

Best mascaras for volumizing lashes

There are some truly great volumizing mascaras available at a ton of different price points. Whatever your budget there’s a volumizing mascara out there to suit you. That’s enough chatting, let’s get down to the real reason you’re here – the best mascaras for volumizing lashes!

Essence False Lash Effect Mascara Lash Princess

No, that price isn’t a mistype this mascara really is only £3.30, this essence mascaras is up there with the best budget friendly mascaras! If it’s a bargain you want, then I think this one could be for you. Admittedly, it doesn’t work quite as well as some of the other volumizing mascaras on this list, but I mean for £3.30 you can’t really go wrong.

The packaging feels fairly cheap, but the actual product is one you definitely need to try! It not only volumizes but also lengthens your lashes without transferring under your eyes throughout the day. If you’re not wanting to splurge on a product that, lets be honest, usually runs out pretty quick after everyday use, then here’s your answer!

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes

Another great option for just over a tenner! The brush on the L’Oréal Volume Million Lash is perfect for creating mega volume for your lashes. Its flexible wand presents a multitude of both small and longer bristles, designed to fully coat each and every lash, even the ones you didn’t know you had!

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume

We’re talking about volumizing mascaras here but being real with you this mascara pretty much does it all. It lifts, curls and volumizes all in just a few sweeps. With an extremely lightweight formula you won’t even know you’re wearing any product on your lashes and is great for layering up to achieve your preferable lash thickness. It’s easily wearable all day as you’ll find little to no crumbling under your eyes as this product is fab in the smudge-proof department.

If you’re sick of other mascaras claiming to give a false lash effect but never fully delivering on that promise then here’s your saving grace. If you love an Ardell demi wispy then think of this as the bottled answer to the strip lash favourite.

NARS Cosmetics Climax Mascara

The Nars Climax is a red tube filled with pure wizardry. Taking your lashes from a little limp to showstopping volume in the blink of an eye. It performs beautifully even on the shortest of lashes making this a great volumizing mascara suitable for all lash types.

Coming in at a slightly higher price point than most drugstore mascaras I understand if you may be dubious of splashing the cash. Another great thing about this product is the formula is also available in a mini size for testing and taking on the go!

YSL Beauty Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

The ultimate splurge mascara but I promise it is actually worth the pounds! Sitting right at the top end of price this mascara retails for £29 making this one a little more of a treat yo’ self type product. Sometimes I look at these ultra-high-end products and am slightly unsure whether I’m buying a good product or just the high-end name attached. Let’s be honest, a few pounds has definitely been added on just for the YSL branding but ultimately this is a golden product.

Enriched with nourishing extracts this mascara not only makes your lashes look incredible it actually keeps them feeling incredible. Easily buildable to create a false lash effect that makes your eye look dramatic. If you’re wanting to splurge on a high-end mascaras that makes your lashes look flawless then this is the one you need!

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